BISFF Juries 2017 影展评委

丁昕 Ding Xin


Ding Xin is a experimental filmmaker/musician. He graduated from CalArts Film and Video MFA in 2007, and now teaching in China Central Academy of Fine Arts. His films are distributed by Canyon Cinema(U.S.A.) and Light Cone(France). Most of his films are focused on mysteries and the subconscious, using film material and digital techniques to escalate the screen. He also work on sound and experimental music.

杨北辰 Yang Beichen

先后毕业于法国巴黎第十大学与北京电影学院,以论文《作为档案的电影》(Film as Archive)获得电影历史与理论博士学位,现任教于中央戏剧学院文学系,并于《艺术论坛》(Artforum)中文网长期担任资深编辑一职。

Dr Yang Beichen graduated from Université Paris X and Beijing Film Academy successively. He currently works as the senior editor of and is a lecturer at the Department of Dramatic Literature at the Central Academy of Drama, China.

Yang Beichen's doctoral dissertation titled 'Film as Archive' will be published soon.

吕乐 Lü Yue


Born in December 1957, Tianjin China. Graduated from Beijing Film Academy. Cinematographer, screenwriter, and director. As cinematographer On the Hunting Ground (1984), Buddha's Lock (1987), Pan Yu Liang, a Woman Painter (1994), To Live (1994), Keep cool (1997), Assembly (2007), Red Cliff (2008), Back to 1942 (2012).


As director: Mr. Zhao (1998), The Foliage (2003), Thirteen Princess Trees (2006), The Obscure (2007).

叶滢 YE Ying


Ye Ying is the creator and chief editor of The Art Newspaper China. She is the author of the published book The Furnace Transmutation of the 798 District and was involved in ARTS CHINA project and Show the world project that is dedicated to the protection and development of Chinese ethnic cultures. She previously worked in Bloomsberg Business week China and Economic Observer.

​​朱岳 ZHU Yue


《说部之乱》、动画电影《魁拔之十万火急》编剧之一,曾发表《哲学随想录》,收入《多元 2010分析哲学卷》。

Zhu Yue was born in 1977 in Beijing. He became a lawyer after graduation and later became a book

editor. He has published several collections of short stories: Blindfolded Traveler, Great Masters in Sleeping, Riot of Fictions. He is also one of the scriptwriters of animated film Cribug. Zhu Yue has written an article titled "Random Thoughts on Philosophy", which was included in Pluralism: Volume on analytic philosophy, 2010.