国际展映 Fresco图卷

​国际展映单元 /非虚构类短片




Fresco 图卷单元里是从全世界各地选来的多部影片,分为2个放映单元。本单元主要指向非虚构类的短片;这些短片通常为纯影像类作品,并带有旨向真实的纪录手法或相对真实的表达方式的大量运用。"Fresco 图卷"单元的影片长度最长为60分钟。

Fresco selection showcases 15 short films from all over the world, which will be screened in 3-5 sections. Generally speaking, they tend expressive methods more to a documentary, authentic and auctorial. We limit the length of short films in 'Fresco' selection under 60 minutes.


柯普拉 Koropa

劳拉·昂诺 Laura Henno

法国 France/2017/19min

科摩罗公海漆黑的夜里,巴通在学习如何变成一名“指挥官”。不久他就会带着自己的第一个乘客偷渡到马约特。In the dark night, off the Comoros archipelago, Patron learns how to become ‘Commandant’. Soon he will take his first clandestine passengers to Mayotte.

*2017 克莱蒙费朗电影节 “平等与分歧”奖

Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival - Prix Egalité Diversité


吃孩子的他 He Who Eats Children

本·罗塞尔 Ben Russell

美国 USA/2016/25min


导演本·罗塞尔深入苏里南丛林去拍摄一个叫M的人,据传他是隐居丛林多年的食人魔。 Ben Russell plunges into the depths of the Surinamese jungle to shoot a film portrait about M. who has been living in the jungle for years and knows all the stories people tell about him: He is a man-eater.


* 2016 柏林电影节最佳短片金熊奖提名 Berlin International Film Festival - Best Short Film, nomination

我四岁的时候 When I was Four

雨果·永贝克 Hugo Ljungbäck

美国 USA/2017/5min


我重演了一段我四岁时搬到新家第一次过夜的记忆,企图发现层层记忆背后的真相。 When I Was Four reenacts a distant childhood memory of the first night in a new home, in hope to uncover what truth the memory holds, if any.

告别十八梯 Last Days in Shibati

亨德里克·德索雷 Hendrick Désoler

法国France 中国 China/2017/55min


重庆老区的最后部分将被拆除,一个孩子和一个老人成为这片将被夷为平地的迷宫最后的见证者。In Chongqing, the old districts is due to be demolished and its inhabitants rehoused. The filmmaker befriends a child and an old lady, the last guardians in a labyrinth soon to be razed.


*2017法国真实电影节Louis Marcorelles大奖 2017 : Cinéma du réel - Prix de l'Institut français Louis Marcorelles


在林间 In The Woods

托马斯·霍哈特Thomas Horat 科里纳·史文鲁贝·伊里奇Corina Schwingruber Ilić

瑞士 Switzerland/2017/13min


每隔四年,入冬三个月后,就会有一些高大的树木被砍伐,顺着艾格里湖漂走,没有任何新技术能够代替这一传统手艺。 Every four years, over a period of three moths in winter, wood is being cut in a steep mountain high above Lake Ägeri and prepared for log rafting. Neither economic change nor technology has been able to replace this traditional and sustainable craft.

归来的男人 A Man Returned

马赫迪·弗雷菲尔 Mahdi Fleifel

英国UK 丹麦Danmark 荷兰Netherlands 黎巴嫩Lebanon/2016/30min


被困在希腊三年后,26岁的雷达逃离难民营的梦想破灭了,他归来并准备迎娶儿时的梦中情人。这是个苦乐参半的爱情故事。 Reda is 26 years old. His dreams of escaping the Palestinian refugee camp of Ain El-Helweh ended in failure after three years trapped in Greece. Against all odds he decides to marry his childhood sweetheart; a love story, bittersweet.


*2016 柏林电影节评委会银熊奖,欧洲短片奖 Berlin International Film Festival - Best Short Film, nomination


The Moon The Sun And The Three Musketeers


瓦哈格恩·哈查特杨 Vahagn Khachatryan

亚美尼亚 ; 葡萄牙 Armenia ; Portugal / 2017 / 20min


在葡萄牙和西班牙边界线的小镇上有一个小镇,这里似乎超越了时间与空间。白天没有什么事情发生,只有在夜晚,衰老的鬼魂才再次游荡在古老的大街上。A small town on the border between Portugal and Spain. A place beyond space and time. Not much happens during the day. But at night old ghosts roam once again the ancient streets of the village.

时间逃亡者 Exiled from Time

伊莎贝尔·普多 Isabelle Putod

法国 France/2016/27min


1962年,为了研究人体节律,洞穴学者Michel Siffre决定在一个冰原洞穴里完全封闭地度过两个月。 In 1962, the speleologist Michel Siffre decided to spend two months deep in a cave, without any way to keep track of time.

跳水者之墓 Tomb of the Diver

严诚Yan Cheng 范飞力Federico Francioni

中国China 意大利 Italy/2016/30min


公元前五世纪的“跳水者”永恒地悬置在半空中,介于纵身一跃与投入虚空——生的世界与未知死亡之间。 The diver comes to life in a 21st century museum, hanged on a wall and surrounded by tourists’ pilgrimage from all over the world. He then takes us onto a journey where time is blurred.