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华语展映 Halo光晕

华语展映单元 /学院短片



COURT-MÉTRAGE scolaire de la chine

​Halo 光晕学院单元是我们从各大院校选出的4部短片作品,构成为一个放映单元。学院一直在充当我们时代短片创作的主力军,他们的创造和热情散发出极大的光芒,而一些优秀的青年创作者更是从学生时代就崭露头角,成为我们时代的未来中坚。

Halo selection is scholastic, young and vibrant. We select 4 short films from film schools in China to constitute 1 sections. Film schools have been playing one of the most important roles of short film production in China for a long time, and moreover, many talented young filmmakers begin their brilliant journeys from their schooltime. They will surely become the pillars of our time.

风渡阳关  Gone With The Wind

龙颖 Long Ying

2017 / Drama 剧情/26mins


Years passed, the home invasion case was finally broken. Wan Shun, came back to hometown with her mother to testify.  The wound from long time ago hurt again.

临星之夜  Never Fall In Love

张金帅 Zhang Jinshuai

2017/ 剧情 Drama / 20mins


A online showgirl named Fan Liwen was brutally murdered by the murderer. The police found Fan Liwen's mother. But she was determined not to admit that her daughter was murdered. Because she's just got a lot of money from her daughter so she can go to the south for a course in developing human potential.

老屋 The Old House

邱罡Qiu Gang

2017 / 剧情Drama / 17mins


Describing a person who was disappointed towards life rekindled the light of life from the whole life of dead friend.

南方姑娘 We Found Girl

李翰东Li Handong

2017 / Drama 剧情/ 30mins

在被遗忘的河畔,孤独的骑手经过村落。孩子们掩藏着欲望,大人纵意狂欢。爱与暴力已成为生命的本能。 By the river of oblivion, a lonely horseman passes through a village where children play with hidden desires, adults are indulged in a celebration and violence and love are instinctive parts of life.

* 2016戛纳电影节“导演双周”展映 2016 Cannes Film Festival Director’s Fortnight