华语展映 Marée潮汐

Chinese short film SELECTION
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Marée 潮汐单元包含着我们从华人创作者创作的华语作品中选取近多部影片,大致分为3个放映单元。本单元是一个地域主题性单元,所以该展映单元的体裁与题材均不设限制。虚构类,非虚构类,实验影像类,抑或在三者中漂移不定的作品。

We also select short films in greater China area to form Marée selection. 'Marée' is a special section, only for Chinese-language films and Chinese filmmakers. This selection showcases shorts of various themes and forms: fiction, non-fiction, experimental or the films wandering among the three.

​“潮汐” Marée 第一组CM-1 - 94mins

一只乌鸦叫了一整天 A Crow has been Calling a Whole day 

刘毅 Liu Yi
中国 China/2016/12min

The work which took close to a year to complete in the form of a travel journal, after Liu Yi returned from the trip to India in 2015. This creative documentary in a combination of live action and animation records her trip in India.The time travel in the work reflects Liu Yi’s love and thoughts about India, the sentiments and everyday conditions, the experience of desire and death.

屋顶上的丹尼男孩 Danny Boy on the Roof

王铭 Milo Wang
中国 China/2017/28min

父亲被告知他的儿子三个月前在纽约失踪了,于是他来到儿子曾经的住所,在这里与儿子的室友相处几日。短片圍繞著這兩個人物展開一段亦幻亦真的敘事。 The film follows an older man who comes to New York to mourn his son who has disappeared and is likely dead. The father stays with his son's roommate in the apartment the boys shared.

如果我是镜子 If I Was A Mirror

崔绍翰 Cui Shaohan
中国 China/2017/6min


 the works presents my research as self becoming the object, taking the “self” and the concept of “self” as a mirror reflecting each other, leading to a formless trace to the abyss on a deeper level. it is a part of the process of self-construction, as well as the forth chapter of my video film with four screens named “let it be and be it yourself”. 

伟大 Greatness

田晓磊 Tian Xiaolei
中国 China/2017/4min


Combined the religion with science and technology, I create characters again in the form of “Thangka” in Buddhism and make the cultural conflict. New demiurge arranges the world again, just like a new “great” god. 

自选片单 A Private Collection

吴其育 Wu Qiyu
中国台湾 Taiwan/2017/14min

影片中的访谈来自于一段缅甸移工情侣收藏的DVD影片介绍,在距离曼谷三小时车程的台商工厂中工作的她们,除了工作与加班生活外,特别喜欢看着电影享受不多的工余时光。 The interviews in the video derive from a Myanmar migrant couple’s introduction of their DVD collection. Working in a Taiwanese factory three hours from Bangkok and often having to work overtime, their limited pastime is spent mainly on watching movies.

热带地区的奥斯曼 Off World

谭荔洁 Tan Lijie
中国 China/2017/30min

Eszter放假时来姨父姨母家玩,日复一日看着窗外相同的美丽光景。直到遇到一个被人遗弃的大别墅,主人在破产后迅速撤离了这里,别墅的顶楼有个大而精致的供佛的房间。这里的生活到底是怎样的,他们也很迷惑……Eszter comes to their home on vacation. As a new comer, Day after day, looking out the window at the same beauty. She met a deserted villa,and the owner quickly withdrew from the house after bankruptcy,on the top floor of the villa there was a large and exquisite room for the Buddha. They are also very confused what exactly is life here…

​“潮汐” Marée 第二组CM-2  - 98mins

尤利西斯 Ulysses

曹澍 Cao Shu
中国 China/2017/11min

这部影片是持续若干年的作品计划——“西西弗斯计划”的序曲,计划将构成一个错综复杂的关于记忆的迷宫式叙述网络,每条叙事的分叉路口将通往尤利西斯回家的路。 The film is an overture of “sisyphus project”,which will last for few years as a spatial narrative plan. Every sub-forks of memory maze lead to Ulysses's way home. 

你的电影我的生活 If Life A Movie

詹京霖 CHAN Ching Lin
中国台湾 Taiwan/2017/17min

导演、女演员、教授和学生相约在山上进行午后约会。这些关于电影、关于导演与女演员的生活、也关于老师与学生的感情,逐渐地被戳破。 迷茫午后,木屋外的餐桌上剩下四个困顿的灵魂。
A director, an actress, their professor and his student have an afternoon gathering in the mountain. Everything about the movie, about the life of director and actress, and about the affection between professor and his student, were revealed and punctured one after another. In the hazy fuzzy afternoon, there is nothing left on the dining table outside the cabin but  four cornered souls.

诞 Enchanting souder

林祚雄 Lin Zuoxiong
中国 China/2017/14min

诞,出自《神异经》。人面兔身,善于迷诱他人,行为无善恶之分,话语无真假之别,一切随性为之。 Dan, comes from <the Book of Fairy>. With the face of human and the body of rabbit, it is goot at lure people. One cannot tell good or evil from what it does. Nor true or lie from its words. Everything it does follows its nature.

​途中的大象Ice Monster

汪洋Wang Yang 吴穹Wu Qiong
中国 China/2017/22min

两个年轻人的异国旅行,一个宇航员的地外迁徙,以及一名缅甸偷渡客的内心憧憬。影片用五段叙事,展现了不同遭遇下不同人的处境和选择。人们在迁徙的途中,遇见了一个个隐形的“大象”…… This work delineates a foreign journey of two young people, a universe-migration of an astronaut, and the inner vision of a Burma immigrant. Tourists run into 'invisible elephants' one by one during their trip.

​“潮汐” Marée 第三组 CM-3 - 98mins

短片资本主义 Short Capitalism

棉棉 Mian Mian
中国 China/2017/12min

There is a Len and it is searching on the Huang Pu river. It seems to find something or just in vain. There is a Western man and a Chinese girl sitting in the car. We don't know if they are waiting or they are acting or they are practicing or they are just talking.

温柔乡 Le Village Doux

李一凡 Li Yifan
中国 China/2017/17min

一个送餐员每天穿行在冬日寒冷的城市里, 年轻的身体被冰冷外界和炽热的梦不断刺激。 直到他陷入同另一个炽热生命的争斗中。 这是一个在红色与蓝色间反复潜行冲撞的故事。 In a cold winter, a courier rode though the stiff city everyday. His fresh body was stimulated continuously, by the frigid non-ego and his fiery dream... until he fell into a struggle with another same glowing young life.

亮亮与喷子 Babys’ not Alone

李宜珊 LEE Yi-Shan
中国台湾 Taiwan/2017/30min

喷子是哥哥阿杰和前女友生的小孩,因他无力照顾,于是把喷子带回家交托给母亲,从此不见人影。在母亲传统的观念里,认为喷子是家族唯一的香火,也就心甘情愿替阿杰照顾小孩,但大多时候,照顾喷子的责任是落在亮亮身上,这点让亮亮很不平衡。Little Pen is the baby that Liang's brother has with his ex-girlfriend. Since Liang's brother cannot look after the child, he leaves it to their mother. However, for most of the time, it's the 18-year-old Liang that takes care of the baby, and she's not happy about it.

忉位去 Where to Go

阮陈金 Ruan Chenjin
中国 China / 2016 / 4min

一位青年看着敦煌飞天的书籍,沉睡中不觉进入火车旅途中,他在火车的颠簸中看到一系列人事变迁,体悟到生命的定数与无常。This film is about a young man reads a book of flying apsara murals of Dunhuang Mogao. During the time of reading, he fallsasleep deeply and dreams into a train journey. Seeing many melancholy changes in his train journey, he realized life is uncertain and fixed for some point.

月亮便士 Moon and Sixpence

袁可如 Yuan Keru
中国 China / 2017 / 15min


“Moon and Sixpence” is inspired by the novel written by W. Somerset Maugham, and the isolated Tahiti in the story has become one of the sci-fi concepts in Yuan's view. She takes reference of famous architect Yung Ho Chang’s building, the Vertical Glass House in West Bund Art Centre, with 3D digital special effects the space is made as one mysterious aircraft in the Ice Age while each floor represents Eden, civilization world and spiritual world respectively.

辛夷坞 Xinyiwood

林仕杰 Lin Shijie
中国台湾 Taiwan/2017/25min

一座荒废的香港电影院、一卷卷封藏在铁盒中 的老华语电影胶卷、乏人问津的录影带出租店、消失的卡拉OK店和超现实的空城,借由摄影机,影像的幽灵缓缓流泻出一条属于意识的长河。 A movie theater in Los Angeles Chinatown is abandoned. The resonance from the old cinema melds the past and the future, swaying back and forth between multiple memory space. At last, the cinematic ghost is therefore summoned.