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Yang Beichen

Yang Beichen


Scholar / Critic / Curator

学者 / 评论人 / 策展人

Dr Yang Beichen graduated from Université Paris X and Beijing Film Academy successively. He currently works as the senior editor of and is a lecturer at the Department of Dramatic Literature at the Central Academy of Drama, China.

Yang Beichen's doctoral dissertation titled 'Film as Archive' will be published soon.

先后毕业于法国巴黎第十大学与北京电影学院,以论文《作为档案的电影》(Film as Archive)获得电影历史与理论博士学位,现任教于中央戏剧学院文学系,并于《艺术论坛》(Artforum)中文网长期担任资深编辑一职。

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