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 "默视声场 S O U N D [ E ] S C A P E S

时间:11月14日 19:30

Time:November 14th, in 2017


票价:预售40元 / 现场50元

Location:Music Room( The east side north building of No. 7 Renmei Building, south Banqian Lane, Beixin Bridge Street, Beijing city)

Price: Pre-sale 40RMB/At-the-Door 50 RMB

艺术家:Alkeshka&Death from Abba 89(英国&美国)、Atellier II (Alex Damboianu&黄幻,罗马尼亚&中国)、文亮(中国)、Zpax(中国)

Artists: Alkeshka&Death from Abba 89 (UK&USA), Atellier II (Alex Damboianu&Huang Huan, Romania&China), Wen Liang (China), Zpax (China)


How do retina and tympanic membrane resonate? --- “Silent sound field” invites experimental musicians and video directors to jointly create a dialogue about image with sound field. The scene does not focus on rhythm and tempo, and the flickering frame frequency will link with audience’s sensory nerve in the image page with silent beats. Audiences can feel a visual art scene in the visualization of hearing and rhythm of viewing.


Film Introduction

玛利亚的沉默 Maria's Silence

西嘉·贝多涅 Cesare Bedogné  意大利 /38分钟 Italy/ 38mins




This film appeared to us like a dream, not a nocturnal dream,

but one which unfolded day by day while shooting.


菲利普·埃斯帕萨 Felipe Esparza  意大利/22分钟 Italy/22mins




This film appeared to us like a dream, not a nocturnal dream,

but one which unfolded day by day while shooting.


From this side of space to the other side of the signal

本杰明·罗森塔尔 Benjamin Rosenthal 美国/10分钟  USA/10mins


A voice from the other side of the signal attempts to lure the viewer into some act of connection, of crossing over, only to be perpetually interrupted by barriers of interference.

形纸 Katagami

迈克尔·莱昂斯 Michael Lyons   日本/3分钟 Japan/3mins


A joyful play with optical illusions, small variations in the repeating pattern elements generate apparent motion.

如果我是镜子 If I Was A Mirror

崔绍翰Cui Shaohan

中国 2017 / 6分钟 China / 2017 / 6mins (该片同时在“潮汐”单元展映)


The works presents my research as self becoming the object, taking the “self” and the concept of “self” as a mirror reflecting each other, leading to a formless trace to the abyss on a deeper level.


Musician Introduction


Alkeshka x 东方爱八九




Alkeshka is an American experimental musician, visual artist, and VJ. He has a particular proclivity for the abstract when it comes to creating music videos, short films, and backing visuals for live performances. While the subject matter changes from performance to performance, there is always an atmosphere of dislocation and unease. For the festival Alkeshka’s visual presentation will be accompanied by a sonic assault courtesy of  东方爱八九 , a drone noise collective that originate from the forest of Lichtenstein. Since DFA89 have travelled the world summoning relentless walls of noise in order to ram open the doors of perception and awaken human consciousness in pursuit of a higher path, mostly consisting of robes, gas masks, and cats.


Atelier ll


Atelier ll是Alex Damboianu和黄幻创作和发表作品的统称。对他们来说,绘画、摄影、电影、建筑、装置和声音合成,都来自对人性、人的处境和什么是自由意志的基本议题。

Atelier II is the name under which Alex Damboianu & Huang Huan are publishing and perform their work. For them, painting, photography, film, architecture, art installations and sound compositions emerge from fundamental themes like the human nature, the human condition and the question of free will.




Zpax make experimental,noise and ambient music,sound art,once was a Jazz music player,play electronic bass.A member of the Liquid Palace.The sound projects of the Zpax are always express abstract,universe,illusion,emotion and feeling,and devote himself to explore and research sound art in recent years,main use eurorack modular system,sound samples and video clips for playing live and producing music.




Yang WenLiang is a young composer, music producer and music editor, engaged in film and television music production and editing. His personal style is built upon the concept of free exploration. He has long-standing collaborations with the well known S.A.G Sound Art Group..


About the Space



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