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唐菡 Tang Han

生于广州,生活和工作于柏林。她的创作涵盖影像、装置、绘画等媒介,质疑日常生活中被认为是理所当然的事物的有效性并以微妙的方式重构叙事,探究图像及语言的表述和阐释。近期展览包括:SESC巴西录像双年展(2023),柏林KW当代艺术中心 (2022);台湾国际纪录片影展(2022),OCAT深圳(2020);她曾获东京影像论坛影展的优秀奖(2020)和莱比锡国际纪录片和短片影展的银鸽奖(2021)。

Born in Guangzhou, China; lives and works in Berlin.Across the mediums of film, video, installation, painting, her practice questions the validity of things that have been taken for granted in everyday life through subtle approaches of storytelling and perception, and investigates the interpretation of images and language representation. Recent exhibitions and film festivals include: 22nd Biennial Sesc_Videobrasil, Sesc 24 de Maio, São Paulo (2023), KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin (2022), Taiwan International Documentary Festival (2022), OCAT Shenzhen (2020). She was awarded the Award for Excellence at 34th Image Forum Festival in Tokyo (2020) and the Silver Dove Award at 64th DOK Leipzig (2021).

Ginkgo And Other Times


Ginkgo And Other Times
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