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Alisi Telengut

Alisi Telengut is a Canadian artist of Mongolian origin. Alisi creates animation frame by frame under the camera, with painting as the medium, to generate movement and explore hand-made and painterly visuals for her films. Her works have been presented at festivals around the world. They have not only been presented as animation and moving image artworks with the unique visual style, but have also contributed to ethnographic and ethnocultural research.

Alisi Telengut是一位有蒙古血统的加拿大艺术家。她将绘画作为媒介,通过摄影机下一帧帧的动画创造出运动并探索手绘以及印刷效果的边界。她的作品参与全球多个电影节。她的作品不仅是具有特别视觉风格的动画,还在人种以及民族研究的议题上有所建树。

The Fourfold


The Fourfold
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