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André Santos Martins

André Santos Martins (1994, Leiria, Portugal) is an artist and filmmaker based in Berlin. Having graduated in Multimedia Art at the Faculty of Fine-Arts from the University of Lisbon, he is currently studying ‘Art and Media’ at the University of Arts Berlin. Interested in the tradition of film and in the novelty of new media art, his work has so far taken various forms such as behavior and social (network) experiments, technology testing, archive art and digital archeology. In 2017 he was one of the finalists for Sonae Media Art Award and in 2021 he premiered his first film at Oberhausen International Short Film Festival

André Santos Martins(1994年生于葡萄牙莱里亚)是一位居住在柏林的艺术家和导演。他毕业于里斯本大学美术学院的多媒体艺术专业,目前在柏林艺术大学学习 "艺术与媒体"。他对电影传统和新媒体艺术创新颇有兴趣,到目前为止,他的作品采取了各种形式,如行为和社会(社交网络)实验、技术测试、档案艺术和数字考古学。他是2017年Sonae媒体艺术奖的入围者之一。2021年,他的第一部电影在奥伯豪森国际短片节上首映。



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