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Andre Guerreiro Lopes

André Guerreiro Lopes is a Brazilian filmmaker, theater director and actor. His works explore the frontiers between different artistic languages, like film, theater, movement and visual arts. He directed and performed in several acclaimed film and theater productions, like Tchekhov is a Magic Mushroom (Expanded Cinema/Theater), The Flight of Tulugaq (short film/installation) among others, nominated for awards as Best Director, Best Production, Best Actor, among other categories. He is the cinematographer of feature films like Baal’s Song and Ocean Girl (Brazil/Japan) and performed in several films and TV series in Brazil. siron. time on canvas is his debut on documentary feature film, in co-direction with the filmmaker Rodrigo Campos. Andre has a BA in Audiovisual / Social Communication at The University of Sao Paulo, graduation in acting at Celia Helena Theater and a post-graduation in Physical Theater/Performance at the L’Ange Fou International School of Corporal Mime in London.

André Guerreiro Lopes是一名巴西电影制作人、戏剧导演和演员。他的作品探索不同艺术语言之间的边界,如电影、戏剧、运动影像和视觉艺术。他执导并出演了多部备受赞誉的电影和戏剧作品,如《Tchekhov is a Magic Mushroom》(延展电影/戏剧)、《The Flight of Tulugaq》(装置短片),获得了最佳导演、最佳制作、最佳演员等奖项的提名。他曾担任《Baal’s Song》和《Ocean Girl》等故事片的摄影师,并与电影制作人Rodrigo Campos共同执导了他的纪录片处女作《Time on canvas》。 André在圣保罗大学获得视听/社会传播学学士学位,在哈瓦那大剧院的表演专业毕业,并在伦敦的L'Ange Fou国际默剧与形体学校获得肢体剧场表演的研究生学位。 (Yuchen Lu)

Before Tomorrow


Before Tomorrow
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