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Andrea Rüthel

Andrea Rüthel (b. 1984, Federal Republic of Germany) works independently and collaboratively on films, videos and screencasts. She studied Media Sciences, Media Art and Media Design and was a participant of the Professional Media Master Class for artistic documentary film at the werkleitz Centre for Media Art in Halle (S.). Based in Leipzig, she is a part of the artist collective Filmische Initiative Leipzig (, member of the curatorial team of the art space .mpeg, and co-founder of Kante, an all female collective for moving image production.

Andrea Rüthel于1984年出生于联邦德国,从事电影、视频和屏幕录像方面的工作。她学习媒体科学、媒体艺术和媒体设计,并加入了德国哈勒Werkleitz媒体艺术中心艺术纪录片专业媒体大师班。在莱比锡时她是艺术家团体Filmische Initiative Leipzig (的一员,是艺术空间.mpeg的策展团队成员,也是全女性的活动影像制作团体Kante的联合创始人。(Yuchen Lu)



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