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Ansii Kasitonni

Anssi Kasitonni is a skateboarder and an award-winning artist from Sahalahti, Finland. He has worked in music, drawing and sculpture, but to many of his fans, the most beloved of his works are the short films he makes at his own farm. The films deal with age-old questions related to morality, love, death, generation gaps, sexuality and, of course, submarines. The ideas are epic, the films decidedly homespun. His movies create their own world that tells us something essential about ours. Kasitonni won the esteemed Ars Fennica Award in 2011.

Anssi Kasitonni是一位来自芬兰萨哈拉赫蒂的滑雪运动员、艺术家。 他从事音乐、绘画和雕塑工作,他最喜欢在自己的农场拍摄短片。 这些影片涉及道德、爱情、死亡、代沟、性欲以及潜艇。 想法是史诗般的,电影是朴素的。 他的电影创造了自己的世界,告诉我们一些本源的东西。 Kasitonni在2011年获得了备受推崇的芬兰艺术奖。

Le Saboteur


Le Saboteur
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