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Anton Cla

Anton Cla (BE, 1990) is a multimedia artist, filmmaker, and lecturer. He started young in the visual arts with painting and illustration before discovering his true passion for the audiovisual media in 2016 while traveling and working in Japan. In 2018, he began working professionally in animation, primarily on commissioned music videos and visuals using computer animation. In 2022, he earned a Master’s degree in animation from KASK School of Arts in Ghent, Belgium, while also teaching 3D computer graphics at LUCA School of Arts and Howest University of Applied Sciences simultaneously.His work has been screened and awarded at prestigious film festivals such as Annecy - and Ottawa International Animation Festival, DOK Leipzig, Montréal Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, Vienna Shorts, Fantoche, Odense, Uppsala and many more.

安东·克拉(Anton Cla)生于1990年,是一位比利时多媒体艺术家、导演及讲师。他在视觉艺术领域早年涉足绘画和插画,直到2016年在日本旅行和工作时发现自己对视听媒体的真正热情。 2018年,他开始专业从事动画工作,主要制作受委托的音乐视频和使用计算机动画的视觉效果。2022年,他在比利时根特艺术学院获得了动画硕士学位,同时还在卢卡艺术学院和霍威斯特应用科学大学教授3D计算机图形。他的作品曾在知名电影节上展映并获奖,如安纳西国际动画电影节、渥太华国际动画电影节、莱比锡动画及纪录片电影节等。



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