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Ardin Klimenti

Ardin Klimenti was born in Kosovo and raised in London. He is the co-founder of Bread & Kos Film. His work has focused on blending fact and fiction while exploring the unique experiences of the Kosovar-Albanian community. His docu-fiction film The Noise on Marlowe screened in London and Kosovo in 2021. Soft Focus, is his second documentary short film.

阿尔丁·克莱门蒂(Ardin Klimenti)出生在科索沃,成长于伦敦。他是Bread & Kos Film的联合创始人。他的工作侧重于融合事实和虚构,同时探索科索沃-阿尔巴尼亚社区的独特经历。他的纪实虚构电影《The Noise on Marlowe》于2021年在伦敦和科索沃放映。《Soft Focus》是他的第二部纪录短片。

Soft Focus


Soft Focus
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