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Arman Kairzhan

Arman Kairzhan is a young Kazakh documentary film director and producer. Born in 1999 in a family of musicians in Aktobe, Arman who has been successfully building a career as a musician since childhood, unexpectedly enters the University of Arts in Astana to become a documentary filmmaker. Arman considers it his mission to shed light on social inequality in its various manifestations in his native country and beyond. He believes that documentary films are the best means for this and the only way to open people's eyes and improve the situation. Having united due to similar views, Arman and several other experts in the field of non-fiction films created the QazDoc Public Association, the main goal of which is to popularize documentary films in Kazakhstan.

阿尔曼·凯尔詹(Arman Kairzhan)是一位年轻的哈萨克纪录片导演和制片人。1999年出生在阿克托别的一个音乐家庭,从小成功地建立了作为音乐家的职业生涯,阿尔曼意外地进入阿斯塔纳艺术大学,成为一名纪录片导演。阿尔曼认为,揭示祖国和其他地方各种社会不平等的形式是他的使命。他相信纪录片是实现这一目标的最佳手段,也是唯一可以让人们开阔视野、改善状况的途径。由于观点相似,阿尔曼和其他几位纪录片领域的专业人士共同创建了QazDoc公共协会,其主要目标是在哈萨克斯坦推广纪录片。

Who am I at 23?


Who am I at 23?
23 岁,我是谁?
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