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Bambitchell (Alexis Mitchell, Sharlene Bamboat)

Bambitchell is the artistic collaboration between Sharlene Bamboat and Alexis Kyle Mitchell.
Since 2009, their research-based practice has taken form through moving image, installation and performance to re-imagine nationalist histories – playfully recycling official state documents and institutional archives. Their works have been exhibited at festivals and galleries around the world. Bambitchell were long list recipients of the 2020 Sobey Art Award, through the National Gallery of Canada. They have an upcoming solo exhibition at the Henry Art Gallery (Seattle).

Bambitchell由Sharlene Bamboat和Alexis Kyle Mitchell结成的艺术创作组合。自2009年起,他们基于研究的创作借助运动影像,装置和表演去重构民族主义历史——以趣味性的方式再呈现官方文件和机构档案。他们的作品在世界各地的电影节和美术馆展出,受到媒体广泛报导。Bambitchell是2020年入围加拿大国家美术馆Sobey艺术奖长名单。他们将于近期在西雅图亨利美术馆举办个展。

Bugs and Beasts Before the Law


Bugs and Beasts Before the Law
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