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Baraba-pe Peikert

Baraba-pe Peikert, Swiss filmmaker and visual artist works on various experimental, poetic and sound film projects and continue her art theory of “astrazione fiction”. She started producing short films in art schools and in Italian and French universities and did her masters in lighting Design in Rome and aesthetics, visual arts in Paris 1 and 8. A few years ago she founded her own company Atelier a./f., focusing on the film market. Her goal is to become an expert as a self producer in experimental films We are proud to be part of screening gems in small experimental cinemas, museums, castles and music halls, universities and institutions, including large open space screenings around the world as well as online screenings at festivals and we are honored to have received many awards, from the Golden States Film Festival at the legendary Chinese Theaters in Los Angeles US,

巴拉巴佩·佩克特(Baraba-pe Peikert),瑞士电影制片人和视觉艺术家,致力于各种实验性、诗意和声音电影项目,以及摄影展览、研讨会,并继续她的艺术理论研究。她在法国大学获得了视觉艺术和美学硕士学位,并在意大利罗马萨皮恩扎大学大学获得了照明设计硕士学位。几年前,她创办了自己的公司Atelier a./f.,专注于电影市场,在全球100多个电影节上代表作品,同时制作了《波浪水墙》(2023)。



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