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Bea Hesselbart

Bea Hesselbart is an independent filmmaker who was born in China and raised in Portland, Maine. In her film work, she is drawn to explorations of the creative process itself and is intrigued by uncertainty, unknowns, and incompatible truths. She is interested in disrupting norms and deconstructing myths through speculative, fragmentary narratives. Her latest film, So That Tonight We Might See (2023), recently premiered at the Camden International Film Festival. She is a graduate of Smith College and the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies.

贝亚·赫塞尔巴特(Bea Hesselbart)是一位独立电影导演,出生在中国,成长在缅因州的波特兰市。在她的电影工作中,她对创造过程本身进行探索,对不确定性、未知和不相容的真相感到着迷。她有兴趣通过投机性、零碎的叙事来颠覆规范并解构神话。她的最新电影《So That Tonight We Might See》(2023年)最近在卡姆登国际电影节首映。

So That Tonight We Might See


So That Tonight We Might See
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