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Bogdan Muresanu

Bogdan Muresanu lives in Bilbao, Spain. He produced and directed his first short film in 2012, based on his own script, Half Shaved, was selected in International Festivals as Montreal, Cinequest, Cleveland, Lille......and winner of the Audience Award at "Anonimul" IFF Sf. Gheorghe (Romania). In 2018 he presents The Christmas Gift, represented by Mailuki Films, while the short animation called The Magician is undergoing pre-production

Bogdan Muresanu常驻西班牙的毕尔巴鄂,他2012年自编自导的第一部短片《胡子半刮》入选如蒙特利尔、Cinequest、克利夫兰、里尔等多个国际电影节,在罗马尼亚Anonimul IFF Sf观众奖。2018年,他完成了《圣诞礼物》,目前正在制作动画短片《魔术师》

A Christmas Gift


A Christmas Gift
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