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Cécilia Mangini

Cécilia Mangini (1927, Italy) is an Italian writer, photographer and filmmaker. Beginning her career as a film critic for publications such as Cinema Nuovo, Cinema '60 and L'Eco del cinema, she began her career as a filmmaker in collaboration with her husband, Lino Del Fra, and Pier Paolo Passolini. Over the last six decades, Mangini has made work that covers social and political issues from abortion to class struggles. She has spent the last part of her life as an activist fighting pollution produced by the Italian iron and steel industries.

Cécilia Mangini是一位意大利编剧、摄影师及电影人。她早期作为影评人为《Cinema Nuovo》、《Cinema '60》以及《L'Eco del cinema》撰稿,之后她分别与皮埃尔·保罗·帕索里尼和她的丈夫Lino Del Fra开始合作拍摄电影。过去的六十年中,她的作品涵盖了从堕胎到阶级斗争的多种社会与政治议题。在上了年纪之后,她依然时刻作为社会活动家,抗议意大利钢铁产业对环境造成的污染。

Two Forgotten Boxes


Two Forgotten Boxes
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