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Céleste Rogosin

Céleste Rogosin is a french artist and filmmaker living in Paris, France.
With a degree in performing arts ( dance, theatre) as well as in literature (Paris IV Sorbonne), Céleste Rogosin developed a self-taught artistic practice before joining Le
Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains (national studio for contemporary arts).
Since 2021, she has been selected for various art residencies in France, like La Cité internationale des arts ( Paris), and the Frac-Grand Large ( Hauts-de-France), to develop new works.
Her projects unfold in films, sometimes interactive installations, mixing film, sculpture and performance.
She is developing a form of writing in which myths, bodies and landscapes dialogue,
questionning the way utopian, mythical and mythological narratives interact with contemporary
social realities.

Céleste Rogosin是一名法国艺术家和电影制作人,居住在巴黎。她拥有表演艺术(舞蹈、戏剧)和文学(巴黎索邦大学)学位,在加入法国国家当代艺术工作室之前,她自学了艺术实践。自2021年以来,她入选法国各类艺术驻地去创作新的作品,如巴黎国际艺术城和法国敦刻尔克FRAC美术馆。她的项目以电影创作为主,有时是交互式装置,混合了电影、雕塑和表演。她正在创造一种神话、身体和景观对话的写作形式,该形式质疑了乌托邦、神话和神话叙事与当代社会现实互动的方式。(季盈杰)



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