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Charlotte Clermont

Charlotte Clermont’s video and sound work addresses the concept of time through symbolic and emotional associations. Often collaborating with others, she uses analogue recording devices and works with the malleability of film and magnetic tape to build space-times that reside between imagination and memory, the past and the present. With a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Arts from Concordia University, she has exhibited in Canada and internationally at festivals and exhibitions Her works are distributed by Vidéographe and Winnipeg Film Group.

Charlotte Clermont用声像作品通过符号和情感联系探讨时间的概念。经常与他人合作,使用模拟记录设备,并结合电影和磁带的延展性,营造介于想象和记忆、过去和现在之间的时空。拥有康考迪亚大学的工作室艺术学士学位,曾多次参与加拿大国内和国际电影节和展览。作品由Vidéographe和温尼伯电影集团发行。

where i don't meet you


where i don't meet you
How Flowers Never Became a Food Group


How Flowers Never Became a Food Group
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