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Christal Gallyot

Christal Gallyot is a Filipino-Eurasian filmmaker whose works explore facets of identity, with a specific focus on moral implications and challenges faced by women of the working class through a realist lens. Drawing inspirations from the women in her life, she hopes to challenge stereotypes and portray her characters with dignity.

克里斯塔尔·加利奥特(Christal Gallyot)是一位菲律宾-欧亚混血的导演,她的作品探讨身份的各个方面,特别关注通过现实主义的视角看待工人阶级妇女所面临的道德影响和挑战。从她生活中的女性获得灵感,她希望挑战刻板印象,以尊严描绘她的角色。

Sometimes You Go Places


Sometimes You Go Places
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