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Daniel Mateo Vallej

Audiovisual & Multimedia Communicator from University of Antioquia and co-founder of Cinespécimen collective where he works as director, writer, producer and distributor. In 2021 he's invited to Locarno Industry Academy - Panamá thanks to his low budget short films distribution project. In 2022 he finishes and distributes his second professional fiction short film Vienen las grietas (Cracks Will Come) that has its 国际首映 International Premiere at International Film Festival Rotterdam 2023.

丹尼尔·马特奥·巴列(Daniel Mateo Vallej)是安蒂奥基亚大学视听与多媒体传播专业毕业生,是Cinespécimen的联合创始人,担任导演、编剧、制片人和发行人。2021年,他因其低预算短片发行项目受邀参加洛迦诺电影产业学院(Panamá)。2022年,他完成并发行了他的第二部虚构短片《Cracks Will Come》,该片于2023年在鹿特丹国际电影节上首映。

Cracks Will Come


Cracks Will Come
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