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Daniele Atzeni

Daniele Atzeni was born and lives in Sardinia. After graduating in film directing at the New University of Cinema and Television of Rome, he has devoted himself to the production of documentaries and short-films dealing with work-related issues, social changes, the recovery of historical memory, biographical portraits. Concurrently with his work as a filmmaker, he directs film workshops at schools, cultural associations and rehabilitation centres for disadvantaged persons.

Daniele Atzeni在意大利撒丁岛出生长大,从罗马新电影电视大学毕业后,他就致力于创作工作相关议题、社会变革、历史记忆再现及传记式肖像的纪录片和短片作品。在拍摄电影的同时,他还在多家学校、文化机构、康复中心为弱势群体举办电影工作坊。



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