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Danilo Stanimirović

Danilo Stanimirović is is a filmmaker from Belgrade. In 2017, his short documentary MIGRATIONS was produced by and premiered at DokuFest Prizren and was shown at festivals around the Balkans. The following year, he won the EU Film Contest and the EU Film Challenge, which took him to the Festival de Cannes and the Venice Film Festival. Also in 2018, he won a pitching prize at the Four River Film Festival for his short project BAMBILAND, which had its premiere in 2019 at the Anthology Film Archives in New York City, after which it was shown at more than 80 festivals around the world and won numerous awards. From 2021, he is an alumni of Talents Campus Sarajevo.

Danilo Stanimirović是一位来自贝尔格莱德的导演。2017年,他的纪录短片《移民》制作完成,在科索沃国际纪录片电影节上首映,并在巴尔干地区的各个电影节上放映。第二年,他赢得了欧盟电影竞赛和欧盟电影挑战赛,并因此参加了戛纳电影节和威尼斯电影节。同年,他的短片项目《斑比山丘》获得了Four River 电影节的创投奖项,该片于2019年在纽约电影资料馆进行了首映,之后在全球80多个电影节上放映并获得了众多奖项。



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