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Diandra Arriaga

Diandra Arriaga (Mexico, 1990). Filmmaker and Producer, part of Colectivo Colmena, a space where she has forged a methodology that emphasizes horizontal and collaborative work. Their first feature film, "MOSTRO", was self-financed by the collective, directed by José Pablo Escamilla, and had its world premiere during Locarno Film Festival (2021). They are currently shooting the microbudget "Lumbrensueño", funded by Biennale College Cinema 2023. "An Exemplary Punk" is Arriaga’s first individual work as a director.

迪安德拉·阿里亚加(Diandra Arriaga)于1990年出生在墨西哥,是一名电影制片人和导演。他的第一部长片《Mostro》为集体自费制作,由何塞·帕布罗·埃斯卡米利亚( José Pablo Escamilla)执导,在2021年洛迦诺电影节首映。他们目前正在拍摄由Biennale College Cinema 2023资助的微预算电影《Lumbrensueño》。《An Exemplary Punk》是阿里亚加的第一部个人导演作品。

An Exemplary Punk


An Exemplary Punk
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