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Diego Andres Murillo

Filmmaker. Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela.Leaves his native country in the year 2016 and unexpectedly settles in New York City. While adapting to new territories, he continues DIY-self financed methods to make cinema, leading him to the completion of 5 short films until this date. These films have screened and won awards at international festivals such as Locarno Film Festival, SITGES IFF, Brussels Film Festival, Cinélatino de Toulouse, Uruguay Film Festival, Beijing ISFF, Curtas Cinema Río de Janeiro, Brooklyn FF, Tacoma FF, Beijing Int. Short Film Festival, and more.He is the co-founder of Maldito Fantasma (Damn Phantom), a film production company spread between Caracas, Buenos Aires, and NYC. His first feature film is currently in pre-production, and he is in the process of writing, researching, and developing a second one, as well as other works.

迭戈·安德烈斯·穆里略(Diego Andres Murillo)是一名导演,在委内瑞拉首都加拉加斯出生并长大。2016年离开祖国,后定居在纽约市。在适应新城市的同时,他继续采用自费DIY的方法制作电影,直到目前为止已完成了5部短片。这些影片在各大国际电影节上放映并获奖,包括洛迦诺电影节、北京国际短片联展、里约热内卢短片电影节等。他是电影制片公司Maldito Fantasma(该公司位于加拉加斯、布宜诺斯艾利斯和纽约)的创始人之一。他的第一部剧情长片目前正在前期制作中,他正在进行第二部长片以及其他作品的写作、研究和开发。

Transatlantic Malaise


Transatlantic Malaise
Perhaps Hell Is White


Perhaps Hell Is White
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