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Edgar Rodríguez Lara

Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Edgar Rafael Rodríguez Lara graduated in 2021 from the Bachelor of Audiovisual Arts at the University of Guadalajara. He has been dedicated to filmmaking since 2016. He has participated as an editor, script consultant, post-production coordinator and director of photography in more than fifteen short films, as well as commercials and video clips; Among them, he was editor for the short films Otra Noche Sola (Lonely Nights, Sofia Cano, 2021), selected within the NEOMEX Exhibition of the Mexico City International Short Film Festival (SHORTS México), and Celeste (Sebastián Hernández Álvarez, 2021), official selection of the Tequila International Film Festival (FICTEQ). In The Transparent Illusion, he also worked in the editing and post-production of 3D visual effects and traditional 2D animation techniques.

出生于墨西哥瓜达拉哈拉,埃德加·罗德里格斯·拉拉(Edgar Rodríguez Lara)于2021年毕业于瓜达拉哈拉大学的视听艺术学士学位。自2016年以来,他一直致力于电影制作。 他曾担任过十五多部短片的剪辑师、编剧顾问、后期制作协调员和摄影指导,还涉足广告和音乐视频的制作;其中,他是短片《Lonely Nights》(2021)的剪辑师,该片入选墨西哥城国际短片节展映。同时,他也是是《Celeste》(2021)的剪辑师,该片是特基拉国际电影节的官方选择。 在《The Transparent Illusion》中,他还参与了3D视觉效果和传统2D动画技术的剪辑和后期制作。

The Transparent Illusion


The Transparent Illusion
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