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Eduardo Brito

Eduardo Brito holds a Master's degree in Artistic Studies - Museology and Curatorial studies - from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto. At the faculty Eduardo is a research fellow at the I2ADS's Research Group in Art and Intermedia, researching on museology, film and visual studies and photography. Eduardo was project coordinator of Reimagining Guimarães, a photography, archive and curatorial programme developed for the Guimarães 2012 European City of Culture. Penumbria, 2016.

Eduardo Brito拥有波尔图大学美术学院艺术学硕士学位-博物馆学和策展学,他是I2ADS艺术与媒体研究小组的研究员,研究博物馆学、电影和视觉研究和摄影。Eduardo是“重新想象吉马良斯”(Remaging Guimarães)的项目协调员,这是为葡萄牙古城吉马良斯2012年申请“欧洲文化城市”的摄影、档案和策展计划。



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