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Egor Trukhin

He entered Theater of Youth Creativity in Saint Petersburg in 2009 and graduated in 2013. Shortly after he entered Moscow Theatre College under the guidance of Oleg Tabakov and graduated in 2017 as an actor. Next he entered the theatre workshop of S.V. Zhenovatch at The Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS) where he studied at the director’s department. Now he is the 5th year student.
In the summer of 2019, in Saint Petersburg, he shot a short film “Quiet(?)” which is now in postproduction.
As a director in GITIS during the 1st studying year he did a work on the basis of Edward Munch’s paintings including “The Scream”. As a 2nd year student he made a stage composition on the story “The Black Monk” by A.P. Chekhov and in winter of the 3d year he made a stage composition based on the play “Hamlet” by Shakespeare which grew into diploma performance. For today “Hamlet” has already taken part in the festival of student performances “Your Chance” as well as at the festival “The Future of Theatrical Russia” in Yaroslavl on the stage of the Volkovsky Theatre.

导演于2009年进入圣彼得堡青年创意剧院,2013年毕业。不久后,他进入莫斯科戏剧学院,师承Oleg Tabakov,并于2017年毕业,成为一名演员。接着他进入俄罗斯戏剧艺术学院(GITIS)的S.V. Zhenovatch戏剧工作室,随其学习,现在是五年级的学生。2019年夏天,他在圣彼得堡拍摄了一部短片《安静(?)》,现在正在进行后期制作。

in silence


in silence
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