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Emmanuel Marre

Emmanuel Marre likes forests, lumberjacking, boxing, poetry and architecture. He also worked as an operator in a HLM office (french social housing), as a waiter and a living model for an academy. After running away from Paris and literature studies, he went to IAD (Institut des Arts de Diffusion) in Belgium. Chaumière / Rooms without a view, 2013, La vie qui va avec / A Life that fits in, 2008, Le petit chevalier / The Little knight, 2010, Le désarroi du flic socialiste Quechua, The Disarray of a neighbourhood's cop, 2014, Le Film de l’été, 2016

Emmanuel Marre喜欢森林、伐木、拳击、诗歌和建筑。 他曾在HLM办公室(法国社会住房局)担任接线员、服务生和美院模特。 逃离巴黎和文学之后,他前往比利时的IAD学习。

Castle to Castle


Castle to Castle
Summer’s Film


Summer’s Film
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