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Born in Hamburg, Germany 1979, attended Art College HFBK and University of Hamburg. In 2015 he adopted the artist’s name Errkaa. Since then he’s had serveral solo and group art exhibitions. He is the founder of the art gallery BUNKERHILL GALERIE in the center of Hamburg. The gallery exhibits comtemporary art, which he organizes and curates.Errkaa is creator of the short movie "DADA on Vacation", he has won 11 awards at several international film festivals. Currently his short movie "Culture Talk on the Radio" is competing in festivals as well. His audio drama entitled “Der Anstieg oder warum Camus' Sisyphos es auch diesmal nicht schafft” has made it to the best 8 audio dramas at German Hoerbuchpreis 2023 (German Audio book Awards). His artwork is displayed in a public collection in Germany.

厄尔卡(Errkaa)生于1979年的德国汉堡,曾就读于汉堡美术大学和汉堡大学。2015年,他采用了艺术家姓名厄尔卡。此后,他举办了多次个展和群展。他是汉堡市中心邦克山艺术画廊的创始人。厄尔卡是短片《DADA on Vacation》的创作者,曾在多个国际电影节上获得11个奖项。目前,他的短片《Culture Talk on the Radio》正在参与各大电影节的角逐。他的音频剧《Der Anstieg oder warum Camus' Sisyphos es auch diesmal nicht schafft》入选了2023年德国有声图书奖的最佳8部音频剧。他的艺术品被展示在德国的公共收藏中。

Culture Talk on the Radio


Culture Talk on the Radio
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