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Félix Lamarche

Félix Lamarche is a Montreal-based independent filmmaker who explores the possibilities of documentary praxis. In 2017, he directed and produced his first feature documentary, Les terres lointaines, winner of the Pierre and Yolande Perrault Award. Since then, he has been working in both short and long format and is interested in classic and experimental approaches to film language.

菲利克斯·拉马什(Félix Lamarche)是一位驻蒙特利尔的独立导演,他探索纪录片实践的可能性。2017年,他执导并制作了他的第一部纪录片《Les terres lointaines》,获得了皮埃尔和约兰德·佩罗奖。从那时起,他一直在短片和长片领域工作,并对电影语言的经典和实验性方法感兴趣。

A Night Song


A Night Song
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