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Fırat Yücel

Fırat Yücel is a documentary maker and an editor who also curates the video series Altyazı Fasikül: Free Cinema, a subbranch of Altyazı Cinema Association devoted to supporting political film and video makers at risk in Turkey and elsewhere. His editorial and curatorial practice focuses on collective filmmaking and resistance against censorship, while his documentaries tackle themes like exile, surveillance, and right to the city through video-essay, desktop documentary, and biopic, among other forms.

菲拉特·尤塞尔(Fırat Yucel)是一位电影评论家和导演。他于2001年联合创办了《Altyazı》电影杂志,并担任主编。他联合执导了电影《Kapalı Gişe》(2016),担任了2016年纪录片《Welcome Lenin》和《Welcome Lenin and Audience Emancipated: The Struggle for the Emek Movie Theater》的联合编剧。他与艾林·库里尔(Aylin Kuryel)共同执导了纪录中片《Heads and Tails》(2019)和纪录长片《Translating Ulysses》(2023)。

March 8, 2020: A Memoir


March 8, 2020: A Memoir
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