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Fabian Ripke

Fabian Ripke German director, interested in social dynamics. Expresses his internal states through films, music, performances, paintings and sculptures.
Established in 2020 with his friends Tania Podveikina and Milan Simon Loewy the mixed media collective "FIKTIVE KOLLEKTIV" his works includes
"Asphalt and grass" 2022, "pink Wolken?" 2022, sculpture "The day I finally dream it" 2021, "Interrupted walk" 2021, video installation.

Fabian Ripke,今年27岁,是一名德国人。他通过电影、音乐、表演、绘画和雕塑来表达他的内心状态。2020 年,他与朋友Tania Podveikina和Milan Simon Loewy创作了混合媒介集“FIKTIVE KOLLEKTIV”。以下是他的一些代表作:短片《Asphalt and grass》(2022),雕塑《Pink wolken?》 (2022),短片《The day I finally dream it》(2021),以及视频装置《Interrupted walk》(2021)。(申雨夕)

Asphalt and grass


Asphalt and grass
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