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Ferney Iyokina Gittoma

Indigenous Okaina, Bachelor in Biology Universidad Pedagógica Nacional Convenio CERES La Chorrera Amazonas Colombia. He participated as a researcher in the process of recovery of the historical memory of the traces of the rubber camps in the Amazon for the National Centre of Historical Memory (Colombia) where he obtained an important approach to the audiovisual creation, technique, and research. Subsequently, he directed and created the audiovisual installation El Excontador (2017), installed by Andrés Jurado in the exhibition of the Museo Nacional de Colombia "Endulzar la Palabra. Indigenous memories to survive". This work was also part of the opening day of the Cinemateca de Bogotá Centro Cultural de las Artes Audiovisuales. Since then, he has decided to combine his research practice with audiovisual creation and production with the intention of leaving a legacy for his community to make it participate in this field and to make films from his own vision and culture. He is the director and producer of the documentary short film entitled YVUUHZA OKAINA (2022) which is in the post-production stage and will be released in 2022. He is the director and producer of the documentary project LA TRAMPA.

费尔尼·伊约基纳·吉托马(Ferney Iyokina Gittoma)是亚马逊奥凯纳原住民,生物学学士,曾就读于哥伦比亚拉乔雷拉国立教育大学。他参与了哥伦比亚国家历史记忆中心关于亚马逊橡胶营痕迹历史记忆恢复的研究过程,在那里他对音频视觉创作、技术和研究有了深入的接触。随后,他执导并创作了音频视觉装置作品《El Excontador》(2017),由安德烈斯·胡拉多( Andrés Jurado)在哥伦比亚国家博物馆相关展览中展出。这个作品也是博高塔电影院中心音频视觉艺术文化中心开幕活动的一部分。从那时起,他决定将研究实践与音频视觉创作和制作相结合,以便为他的社区留下一个遗产,使其参与到这一领域,并从自己的视角和文化制作电影。同时,他是纪录短片《Yvuuhza Okaina》(2022)和纪录片项目《La Trampa》的导演和制片人

Yvuuhza Okaina


Yvuuhza Okaina
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