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Filippo Foscarini

Filippo Foscarini graduated in Comparative Literature in Venice’s Ca’ Foscari University. He also studied Cinematic Documentary-making at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Palermo. His first short film, Africa Bianca (The Imperial Lullaby), inspired by his grandfather's school notebook, was screened during the 38th Torino Film Festival.

Filippo Foscarini毕业于威尼斯大学,主修比较文学专业。他也曾在意大利电影实验中心学习纪录片电影制作。他的首部短片电影《Africa Bianca(The Imperial Lullaby)》,灵感来源于他祖父学生时代的笔记本。该片在第38届意大利都灵国际电影节展映。

Late August


Late August
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