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Choreographer Florent Mahoukou continues to assert his artistic personality with his piece On The Steps... Winner of the First Prize of the African and Indian Ocean Choreographic Encounters and of the Puma Créative Prize in Bamako.
Enriched by the encounters and experiences that have nourished his career as a performer in Congo and abroad, he has developed his own choreographic style. He continues to confront his choreographic work by collaborating with other choreographers such as: dance teacher Laurent Longa Fo, choreographer Andreya Ouamba, choreographer Gregory Maqoma, director David Bobée, writer Ronan Chéneau, playwright Dieudonné Niangouna, playwright and director Hedi Clermont De Tonnerre... He is also initiated into the Hip Hop dynamic and is inspired by urban territory. His intimate choreographic universe revolves around the suspension and joy of movement, the jubilation in the danced movement. Clearly contemporary, he is a reflection of his time, sometimes bordering on the avant-garde...

编舞家Florent Mahoukou一直在通过其作品《On The Steps》来表达其艺术个性,作品获得了非洲及印度洋舞蹈挑战赛一等奖以及在巴马科举办的彪马创意奖。在刚果以及在其他国家的经历滋养了他的表演生涯,促使他形成了自己的编舞风格。他在工作中曾与多位编舞家进行过合作,进而开始接触到嘻哈风格并受到城市领域的启发,他的私人编舞世界围绕着舞蹈韵律的动静与喜悦而展开。他的作品能体现明显的当代性,是其所处时代的反映,是近乎先锋的创作。 (Yuchen Lu)

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