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Francesco Montagner

Animata resistenza (2014) is Francesco’s debut documentary, which he produced, shot, and directed with Alberto Girotto. The film premiered at the 71. Venice Film Festival and was awarded the Venice Classics Award for Best Documentary on Cinema. It was selected for more than 20 festivals worldwide and received 10 awards. It is distributed by SKY ARTE (Italy) and through the DVD box-set “Nuvole, mani”. Francesco’s second feature documentary BROTHERHOOD (2021), a Czech-Italian production, premiered at the 74. Locarno Film Festival and was awarded the Pardo d’oro of Cineasti del presente. The film has been selected in 40+ festivals worldwide (IFFR, True/False, RIDM, CPH:Dox) and awarded at several. BROTHERHOOD is coproduced by ARTE, Aljazeera, Rai cinema, and Czech TV Francesco's experimental short film Asterión (2022) premiered at the 75. Locarno Film Festival in the section Corti d'autore, won RIGA IFF 2022, becoming its official candidate for the EFA awards 2023.

《Animata resistenza》(2014)是弗朗切斯科·蒙塔格纳(Francesco Montagner)的首部纪录片,他与阿尔贝托·吉罗托(Alberto Girotto)一同制作、拍摄和执导。这部电影在第71届威尼斯电影节首映,并荣获最佳电影纪录片奖。它入选了全球20多个电影节,并获得了10个奖项。他的第二部纪录片《Brotherhood》(2021),是捷克和意大利合制,首映于第74届洛迦诺电影节并获奖。该片入选了40多个全球电影节,并在多个电影节上获奖。2022年, 弗朗切斯科的实验短片《Asterión》在第75届洛迦诺电影节短片(Corti d'autore)单元首映,赢得了2022年里加国际电影节,并成为其参选2023年欧洲电影奖的官方候选影片。



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