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Franco Clerc Damy

Franco Clerc is a passionate screenwriter and director who focuses on human stories. He started his filmmaking career in 2012 in the advertisement industry before reorienting towards television and Cinema production. With an initial training in tourism, he has forged his commitment to highlighting Madagascar's culture, traditions, socio-economic or environmental challenges by working with international documentary projects. As a director, he has made a name with his several short films, including "Samy Manana Ny Adiny" - to Each Their Own Battle." from which he received the Audience Award at the 2019 Madagascar Short Film Festival. In addition to his work as a screenwriter and director, Franco Clerc provides consultations and courses for young aspiring storytellers. In 2022, he co-founded EKAA, a drama school and talent agency that supports young Malagasy talents.

弗兰戈·克莱尔克(Franco Clerc)是一位充满热情的编剧和导演,专注于人性故事。他于2012年开始在广告行业从事影片制作工作,后来转向电视和电影制作。他最初接受的旅游业相关教育使他致力于通过参与国际纪录片项目来突显马达加斯加的文化、传统、社会经济和环境挑战。作为一名导演,他凭借多部短片获得了荣誉,其中包括《Samy Manana Ny Adiny》。他凭借该片在2019年马达加斯加短片电影节上获得了观众奖。除了担任编剧和导演的工作外,弗兰戈还为年轻有抱负的电影人提供咨询和课程。2022年,他联合创办了EKAA戏剧学校和人才经纪公司,致力于支持年轻的马达加斯加人才。



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