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Fransix Tenda Lomba

Fransix Tenda Lomba is a visual artist born in Kinshasa. Graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts of Kinshasa in Visual Arts, he collaborated with the KinartStudio since its foundation. His work is multidisciplinary and varied: from painting, to sculpture, through drawing and video animation, created and shown in several residencies and exhibitions in Africa, Europe and the United States.

Fransix Tenda Lomba是一名视觉艺术家,出生于金沙萨。 他毕业于金沙萨美术学院视觉艺术专业,自KinartStudio成立以来就与之保持着合作关系。他的作品具有多学科和多样化特点——从绘画到雕塑,再到绘画和动画。他在非洲、欧洲和美国的多个机构和展览中开展创作以及作品展出。(申雨夕)



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