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Gabriel Gonzalez Acosta

Gabriel Gonzalez Acosta is a Mexican filmmaker and theatre director. His work explores the staging of worlds and the role of narrative, dreams, magic and place in the age of extinction. His first short, Concertina (2021) had its world premiere as part of the LAB Official Selection of the 2022 Clermont Ferrand Short Film Festival. His work has been presented in Mexico and internationally, in institutions and publications such as Museo Tamayo (Mexico City), HB Studio (New York), and Klima Magazine. He received a PhD in Philosophy, Art and Critical Thought from the European Graduate School. He also holds degrees from The Royal College of Art and Queen Mary, University of London. He lives and works in Los Angeles and Mexico City.

Gabriel Gonzalez Acosta是一名墨西哥电影创作者和戏剧导演。 他的作品探讨了世界的不同发展阶段以及在消亡时代叙事、梦想、魔法和地点的作用。 他的第一部短片《Concertina》(2021)在2022年法国克莱蒙费朗国际短片电影节 LAB 单元评审环节进行全球首映。他的作品也曾入选墨西哥以及国际相关协会、杂志,如 Museo Tamayo(墨西哥城)、HB Studio(纽约)和 Klima 杂志。 他在欧洲研究生院获得哲学、艺术和批判性思维博士学位。同时,他还拥有伦敦大学皇家艺术学院和玛丽皇后学院的学位,现生活和工作于在洛杉矶和墨西哥城。(申雨夕)



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