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Gala Hernández López

I am an artist filmmaker and researcher based between Paris and Berlin.
I am a PhD Candidate in Aesthetics and Media Theory at Paris 8 University, ESTCA laboratory. My artistic research project reflects on screen capture as a media in post-internet film and art. I am currently a ATER/Assistant Professor in Visual Studies and Digital Art at the Université Gustave Eiffel. I co-founded and co-direct the association After Social Networks. I am currently a visiting PhD researcher at the Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf.
My medium-length film La Mécanique des fluides had its world premiere at FIFIB Bordeaux and DOK Leipzig. My work combines interdisciplinary research with the production of essay films reflecting on the processes of individuation and the modes of subjectivation produced specifically by computational digital capitalism. Particularly interested in approaching from a feminist, poetic and critical prism the discourses and imaginaries circulating in eminently masculine online communities.

Gala Hernández López是一位艺术家,电影创作者和研究员,在巴黎和柏林之间往返工作。她是巴黎第八大学美学和媒体理论博士生,在ESTCA实验室完成了她的研究。她的艺术研究项目反映了屏幕捕捉作为后互联网电影和艺术的媒体。她目前是古斯塔夫·埃菲尔大学视觉研究和数字艺术专业的临时教学科研助理/助理教授。她也是After Social Networks 协会的联合创始人和指导员。目前她也是康拉德·沃尔夫电影大学的一名访问博士研究员。她的中长片作品《The Mechanics of fluids》在波尔多国际独立电影节和莱比锡纪录片影展进行了全球首映。她的作品结合了跨学科研究和散文电影创作,其所关注的散文电影大多反映出个性化过程和特由计算数字资本主义而来的主体样态。她最感兴趣的是从女权主义、诗意和批判的视角来看待在男性气质主导的网络社区中流传的话语和想象。 (申雨夕)

The Mechanics of fluids


The Mechanics of fluids
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