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Gao Wenqian


Gao Wenqian
Bron in ShanDong, China
2009-2013 Academy of fine art of China.
2015-2019 École national supérieur des beaux-arts de paris
He likes to use the method of technical archaeology to open up the passage between old and new media, and trigger problems in the link between different media. The works often take time as the starting point, exploring the increasingly complex time rhythm that today's technology brings to people. Through various means, images are generated at the boundary between the real and the virtual, and the complex interaction between the virtual and the real is explored. He has recently focused on exploitation in the virtual world.

生于山东,现工作生活在北京,2013年毕业于中国美术学院版画系,2019年毕业于巴黎美术学院。高文谦喜欢以技术考古的方法打通新旧媒介之间的通道,在不同媒介的链接中触发问题。作品常以时间为切入点,研究当今技术带给人们日趋复杂的时间节律。 通过各种手段产生界于真实与虚拟边界的影像 ,探讨虚拟与现实之间复杂的交互。近期关注虚拟世界里的剥削。

The Resolution of Time


The Resolution of Time
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