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Giovanni Benini

Giovanni Benini graduated in cinematography at Zelig, school for documentary, television and new media with the movie “For those who want to fire” premiered at 48th Visions du Réel. In 2020 he debuted in directing with the documentary "Marana", shown in many European festivals.

乔瓦尼·贝尼尼(Giovanni Benini)在泽利格摄影学院获得了纪录片、电视和新媒体摄影专业的学位,他的作品《For those who want to fire》在第48届瑞士真实影展上首映。2020年,他推出了纪录片《Marana》,该片在多个欧洲电影节上展映。

The House in the Woods


The House in the Woods
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