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Giulia Grossmann

Giulia Grossmann was born in Paris in 1984, she studied visual arts and anthropology. Her research takes an ethnographic look at the for utopias quest and myths appropriation . Her films play with the permeable border between fiction and documentary. Since her first short film Native American, rewarded with the Inrocks lab video creation prize in 2012, her work has been exhibited in art centers, galleries and museums as well as in festivals in France and abroad. (FID Marseille, Coté Court, Imagine Science Festival à New York, Escales Documentaires de la Rochelle, Visions Du Réel Nyon...)

Giulia Grossmann于1984年出生在巴黎。她主修视觉艺术和人类学。她从人类学的视角探寻乌托邦社会的神话。她的电影跨越了剧情与纪录片的边界。自她的首部短片《Native American》在2012年获得Inrocks实验视频创意奖后,她的作品便开始在各大中心、画廊、法国和国外电影节展映(包括马赛国际电影节,纽约想象科学电影节等)。(舒岚)



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