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Heurtier Manzanares Lysa, Perrais Agnès

After her university years at Paris Diderot and an exchange in New York, she co-directed a documentary, "Let's Play" in G.R.E.C., a road movie in the United States, a portrait of the country through games.After working for two years at Lumiere du monde, she devoted herself to the realization of her films. After studying literature and cinema, Perrais Agnès made several film including As long as we're on board, 2014, and Magari 2019.

在巴黎迪德罗大学上学并在纽约进行交流后,导演在G.R.E.C.中共同执导了美国公路纪录电影《让我们玩》,一部通过游戏的角度展现国家样貌的影像作品。在Lumiere du monde工作了两年后,她致力于创作自己的电影。在学习文学和电影之后,Perrais Agnès拍摄了几部电影,包括《只要我们在船上》(2014) 和《Magari》(2019)。



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