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I Made Suarbawa

I Made Suarbawa (nickname: Birus) is a filmmaker and writer who has an interest in telling stories about issues of family, children, and youth and the technology's impact on our lives.

Professional in the audiovisual field and also makes short fiction films and documentaries. Active as a film activist in Bali since 2003 by conducting film screenings and training in rural areas with Has been working in films since 2006 with the first documentary entitled Aku Bukan Maling (I’m Not a Thief) under the InDoc-Ford Foundation program; then received a production grant from Acffest/KPK 2015 for short fiction entitled Pengen HP (Desiring for a Smartphone); and throughout the film journey involved in several projects, among others as a scriptwriter, director, producer, editor, and location manager.

I Made Suarbawa(绰号:Birus)是一名电影创作者、作家。擅长讲述家庭、儿童、青年等题材的故事。同时在作品中也展现了科技发展对人们生活产生影响的思考。他在视听领域专业水平极高,制作了多部剧情短片及纪录短片。自2003年便在柏林电影节从事电影放映工作,并与Minikino.org在农村地区联合开展培训。在InDoc-Ford基金会的支持下,于2006年凭借首部名为Aku Bukan Maling(我不是小偷)的纪录片踏入了电影圈。在电影生涯里,他参与了多个项目,在其中分别担任了编剧、导演、制片人、剪辑师等职务。

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