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Ico Costa

Ico Costa was born in Lisbon in 1983. He studied at the Portuguese National Film School, in Lisbon, at the Universidad del Cine, in Buenos Aires and at Le Fresnoy in France.
He directed the short films LIBHAKETI (2012), FOUR HOURS BAREFOOT (2012), CURRENT (2013), ANTERO (2014), NYO VWETA NAFTA (2017), TIMKAT (2021) and DOMY+AILUCHA: KET STUFF! (2022). He has also directed the documentary UPROAR, ECLIPSE (2017), and the fiction feature film ALVA (2019). He is now working on his second feature film, to be shot in Mozambique.
His work was shown at several film festivals, such as the Critics' Week of Cannes, Rotterdam, Rome, Cinéma du Réel, Visións du Réel, New Directors/New Films, Oberhausen, Jihlava, Vila do Conde, IndieLisboa, DocLisboa,...
In 2019 he founded the production company Oublaum Filmes, which has recently produced STRIKING LAND and WATERS OF PASTAZA (Berlinale 2022).

Ico Costa于1983年出生在里斯本。他曾就读于葡萄牙国家电影学院、布宜诺斯艾利斯大学及法国国立当代艺术中心。 他执导了多部短片,如《TIMKAT》(2021)、《DOMY+AILUCHA: KET STUFF!》(2022),纪录片《UPROAR》、《ECLIPSE》(2017)以及剧情长片《ALVA》(2019),现在正在制作他的第二部剧情长片,并在莫桑比克拍摄。 他的作品曾在多个电影节上展出,包括戛纳影评人周单元、鹿特丹电影节、罗马国际电影节等。 2019年,他成立了Oublaum Filmes制作公司,该公司最近制作了《STRIKING LAND》和《WATERS OF PASTAZA》(2022年柏林电影节)。 (Yuchen Lu)



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